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DesignGuru offers the creme-de-la-creme logo design services to help you and your business be memorable. Our talented team have designed logos (and entire brand guidelines) for companies all over the world, including several listed companies. Let DesignGuru handle your logo design so you can focus on growing your business.
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Introducing DesignGuru: your go-to brand designers.

As a premier brand design agency, DesignGuru specializes in creative logo design that makes your brand stand out. Our talented team of designers have years of experience crafting logos that are memorable, impactful, and reflect your brand's unique identity.
We don't just design logos - we shape the face of your brand. Our creative process involves getting to know your company inside and out to create a logo that tells your brand story. We ensure that your logo is versatile, scalable, and looks great in any medium.
With DesignGuru as your creative logo design partner, you can trust that your brand will make a lasting impression all while saving on typical agency costs.

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Trusted by many
DesignGuru is the trusted design partner of businesses large & small; from listed mining companies to sports marketing.
Our brand design agency isn't another flash in the plan. It's years of experience combined with 21st century tech.
Innovative design
Innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our creative approach to brand logo design ensures your logos are memorable and unique.
Experienced Designers
We know what it takes to close clients, and apply our years of experience to each project so you can win more deals.
Quick turnarounds
With breakneck speed, we typically turn around most deck designs in 48-72 hours.
Complex emblems, wordmarks, mascots, icons and monograms, we can design any type of logo.  
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Here is what our clients have to say:🥰

We're passionate about transforming brands with our creative expertise. Experience your own design revolution with us today!
“Trying to manage freelancers every month to produce all the content we need is a) expensive, b) inconsistent and c) takes up time I don't have. Design Guru has saved me time & money so I can focus on actually growing the company!”
60% increased content output
Martin Sutherland, FMCG
“So far, so good! We used a different agency a few years ago but without good results and have since tried to go in house. DesignGuru blows it out the terms of design quality & responsiveness to jobs we upload to the portal”
10x faster response time than old agency
Sam Mars, SSU
“The designers are all detail-orientated and truly willing to help find the design that best meets my needs and expectations. Designs and revisions are always delivered on time so never need to worry about deadlines and I can focus on other tasks.”
80% reduction in costs
Dari Hyston, OKA
“We used design guru to help initial clear a marketing backlog (we had accumulated dozens of assets we just wern't using for patient information campaigns). After a month we increased scope for DesignGuru and they're now an essential part of our unit.”
100% increase in marketing output
Pip K, NHS London
"Working with DesignGuru has been transformative, it’s allowed us to scale our workflow to produce more internally than we ever have before, without hiring. The team have been a pleasure to deal with and the expertise is, across categories, very impressive."
Miles, Fusion Media
“We use DesignGuru for a number of design tasks, including a full branding refresh a well as associated company stationary, Brochure and website roll out. Design concepts have been prompt and varied enough to allow us to make easy choices.”
Dean, Transcar Global
"We love using DesignGuru, from show posters to venue graphics we've had a great experience every time for a fraction of what we used to pay traditional agencies!"
Anthony, London Cabaret Club
“Trying to manage freelancers every month to produce all the content we need is a) expensive, b) inconsistent and c) takes up time I don't have. Design Guru has saved me time & money so I can focus on actually growing the company!”
3 X
60 %
Martin Sutherland, FMCG

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