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Simplifying Complexity: Using Infographics in Your Pitch Deck for Maximum Effect

William Wilkinson
Co-Chief Guru

Simplifying Complexity: Using Infographics in Your Pitch Deck for Maximum Effect

Delivering a persuasive pitch deck is both an art and a science. You need to grab either investors' attention, or your prospect, while quickly communicating sometimes complex information on product, service, market dynamics, financial data, and your unique value proposition. 

This is where infographics can be invaluable in simplifying a narrative into captivating visuals. In this article we’re going to explore how & why to use infographics in your next pitch deck!

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What are Infographics?

Infographics are visual representations of information, data, or concepts using elements like charts, graphs, maps, illustrations and minimal text. You’ve probably seen them all over Pinterest. They transform complex ideas that would require long-form explanations into easily digestible graphics packed with insights.

Well-designed infographics in a pitch deck provide a strategic advantage by:

  • Simplifying complex information
  • Improving audience comprehension
  • Enhancing engagement and memorability

As we discussed previously, almost all communication is non verbal, which translates to: audiences better retain information presented visually. Infographics also attract attention which is especially helpful given the fact most people have an attention span of just 8 seconds!

Why Use Infographics in Pitch Decks?

Infographics are powerful pitch deck tools because they:

  • Present a solution quickly: Sometimes a product or service can be lengthly to explain, so using an infographic can help speed up understanding of what you're selling. 
  • Illustrate Data Trends: Show trajectories over time, market sizes, financial projections etc. through graphs.
  • Display Relationships: Maps and flowcharts clarify connections between people, processes and ideas.
  • Compare Concepts: Charts and tables help compare products, numbers or categories.
  • Simplify Step-by-Step: How-tos come alive through sequenced visuals.
  • Add Personality: Mascots and illustrated concepts inject brand personality.

Thoughtfully designed infographics presented strategically can make your deck more memorable, persuasive, and actionable.

How to construct infographics for a pitch deck

Tips for Using Infographics in Pitch Decks

Follow these best practices when incorporating infographics in your pitch:

  • Prioritise Relevance - Only use infographics central to your narrative. Avoid fluff!
  • Design Cohesively - Use consistent styles and templates across multiple infographics in your deck for harmony.
  • Size Appropriately - Ensure text and elements are legible at pitch screen sizes.
  • Simplify Thoughtfully - Condense data but avoid oversimplifying. Strike a balance.
  • Establish Hierarchy - Use layout, color and size to direct attention to key data points.
  • Add Context - Supplement with concise explanatory headlines or captions.

Polished infographics tailored to your pitch strengthen your deck.

Examples of Infographics in Pitch Decks

Let's look at two examples of effective infographic use:

Strategy Rollout Infographic

One pitch deck we worked on  needed to present a comprehensive strategy rollout plan, in a simply and understandable infographic, which was originally presented among a very wordy document. After a quick sketch from the client and a little zaz, we were able to condense what was formerly an A4 page worth of content into a small, digestible image. 

Example infographic for marketing company

Service Offering Infographic

Another deck we did incorporated a service overview, originally presented as a series of 7 headings, and while stylised was hard to read and understand the structure. We incorporated this design into a company brochure that made it instantly more understandable.

Example infographic for science company

Both examples presented data that would require lengthy text to explain if not shown visually. Infographics simplified and strengthened their pitches.


In summary, infographics are versatile pitch deck tools to simplify complexity and drive engagement when used strategically. They illuminate trends, convey relationships, compare concepts, explain sequences and inject personality. Infographics tailored specifically to highlight your most persuasive data will allow you to convince investors at a glance rather than in paragraphs.

Ready to add visual pop and persuasiveness to your next pitch? Our designers at DesignGuru can craft captivating infographics and decks tailored to your specific needs. 

Let's partner to win over prospects and investors alike through the power of strategic infographics and good design, by design.

William Wilkinson
Co-Chief Guru
Entrepreneur by day, sci-fi nerd & drummer by night. Co-founder of DesignGuru, Will aims to bring nuggets of information to the blog having been part of many startups for over 10 years (despite not looking old enough!)

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