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The Role of Typography in Crafting an Engaging Pitch Deck

William Wilkinson
Co-Chief Guru

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Using the right typography when constructing a pitch deck

In today's digitally saturated world, you only have seconds to capture the attention of prospective clients and investors before they move on. With average human attention spans now just 8-seconds, and most communication being nonverbal, your pitch deck's typography needs to convey your value quickly and compellingly.

At DesignGuru, we know that strategic design accelerates deal closing. In this article, we'll explain what typography is, why it's so important for pitch decks, and how to leverage it to captivate your audience through visual hierarchy, enhanced readability, and emotional connections.

Humans have an 8s attention span

What is Typography and Why Does it Matter?

Typography refers to how text is presented visually on the page. This includes the style of fonts used, their sizes, positioning, spacing between characters and lines, and how the text is arranged overall. 

“Typography transforms plain text into eye-catching messaging.”

Thoughtful typography arrangements make text more appealing and easier to read. Strategic font selections and layouts bring text to life in pitch decks. This is crucial for grabbing attention quickly.

Properly selected and arranged typography improves readability through clear, legible fonts with ample whitespace. It increases visual appeal through artful use of variation in size, style, color, and alignment. Typography also forges emotional connections by using fonts that complement brand identity and resonate with audiences.

Additionally, deliberate typography establishes hierarchy , as we spoke about in our Key Graphic Design Principles for Pitch Decks Blog, by making key messages prominent with larger, bolder text. It enhances storytelling by complementing narratives. Overall, well-crafted typography arrangements optimize visual storytelling and engagement with pitch decks.

How to choose the right font

How to Choose the Right Fonts

Choosing the perfect fonts requires balancing multiple factors:

  • Readability should be prioritised by selecting easily readable fonts at typical pitch deck sizes. Overly narrow or ornate decorative fonts should be avoided. 
  • Matching font styles to your brand identity is crucial - consider serif vs sans-serif and minimalist vs decorative fonts. 
  • Be sure to choose fonts that convey the right tone for your pitch, whether formal, casual, fun or modern.
  • Ensure brand compatibility by opting for fonts already associated with your brand or complementary fonts that align well. 
  • Limit your deck to just 1-2 fonts otherwise (unless you are deliberately going for something a little more edgy) you run the risk of your deck looking cluttered. 

Take cues from your logo and brand style guide when selecting fonts. Ask your design partner for guidance choosing fonts tailored to your needs.

Premium vs basic typography

How to Craft Engaging Decks with Good Typography

Here are the key techniques our designers use to transform lackluster text into sleek, professional visual storytelling:

  • Strategic use of variation in size, weight, style, case and color distinguishes slide titles, body text and captions. Prominent placement of key text in larger, bolder fonts higher in the visual hierarchy helps reinforce messages. Purposeful alignment of text creates visual interest and shapes on the slide.
  • Intentional spacing between characters, lines and paragraphs enhances readability and elegance. Subtle color variation can distinguish supporting text from headers. Concise sentences paired with ample whitespace increase clarity. Most importantly, choose typography that complements your narrative to connect emotionally.


In summary, typography plays a major role in crafting exceptional pitch decks that engage audiences and win business. It establishes visual hierarchy, enhances readability, and forges connections through strategic text arrangements. For pitch deck typography expertise, contact DesignGuru - let's create visually compelling presentations tailored to your brand and messaging.

William Wilkinson
Co-Chief Guru
Entrepreneur by day, sci-fi nerd & drummer by night. Co-founder of DesignGuru, Will aims to bring nuggets of information to the blog having been part of many startups for over 10 years (despite not looking old enough!)

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